French tax advisor : Déclarations fiscales

Assistance with filing and preparation of tax returns

• determination of your tax residency (French internal law and double tax treaty provisions)

• analyzing and optimizing your French income tax and French wealth tax liability

• preparing for a move to France and analyzing the tax consequences of becoming a French tax resident

• tax planning of long-term income in France by for example using a life insurrance

• advising on tax efficient investment schemes in France a

• inheritance tax planning and filing of inheritance tax returns

French tax returns for residents and non-resident private individuals (Income tax, Wealth tax, Withholding tax on dividends and interest)



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Latest assignements :

Assistance in regularizing the tax position of several clients holding non declared bank accounts outside of France Real estate transaction : Membership of Marché Immobilier des Avocats - M.I.A. (Real estate market for lawyers) Claims and tax reliefs in relation to social contributions wrongly paid by non residents (de Ruyter case)