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Legal and tax assistance with acquisitions of real estate

We assist our clients during all the phases (both legal and tax) of a French real estate acquisition transaction by :

  • setting up a tax efficient investment structure (direct acquisition, interposing a transparent real estate company or a company liable to corporate tax)
  • optimizing the global tax burden ( registration fees, capital gains tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax, 3% tax, VAT, future taxation of rental income…)
    assisting our clients in their contractual relationship with French real estate agents (advice clients to choose between a search or sales mandate, negotiation and definition of contractual clauses, negotiation of penalties, and verification of the professional license & insurance policy of the agent….)
  • in case of a real estate asset transaction we negotiate the contractual clauses of the preliminary and final acquisition agreement and coordinate the French notary
  • we negotiate for our clients the best contractual guarantees in respect of the state of the property and possible hidden defects
    in case of a real estate company share transfer deal we assist our clients in the audit phase, negotiate contractual clauses (preliminary and final sales agreement, representations & warranties agreement, debt transfer agreement….), execute the contracts and determine the amount of applicable transfer tax duties
  • We establish a long term advisor relationship with our clients in order to constantly monitor any changes in future tax legislation or case law that could jeopardize the chosen structure
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Latest assignements :

Assistance in regularizing the tax position of several clients holding non declared bank accounts outside of France Real estate transaction : Membership of Marché Immobilier des Avocats - M.I.A. (Real estate market for lawyers) Claims and tax reliefs in relation to social contributions wrongly paid by non residents (de Ruyter case)